QUANTUM FiOS TV, Verizon premium service

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QUANTUM’s FiOS TV,  Experience the difference with new FiOS Quantum TV — Premium Service. ¿What is FiOS Quantum TV – Premium Service? With FiOS Quantum TV-Premium Service, you can: Record up to (12) shows at one time Get up to 200 hours of HD storage for all your favorite shows and movies Pause and rewind live TV on every TV ... Read More »

Every Business Owner Must Subscribe To Verizon FiOs

Verizon FiOs Bundle

Verizon FiOs not only answers your entertainment needs. It is also great for your small business. It offers reliability and affordability which every business owner wants. Learn more on how Verizon FiOs can help you in your small business by reading on. Subscribing To Verizon FiOs Can Benefit Your Small Business Verizon FiOs can turn physical meetings into live internet ... Read More »

Verizon FiOS for business


Verizon FiOs, just like the T-mobile phones, is not just best with entertainment. It can also help you realize more profit in your small business. You did not expect to read that, right? There are so many benefits that Verizon FiOs can offer to your small business. Among them are affordability and reliability. Others are worthy of a detailed explanation. 1.       Lesser Cost, More ... Read More »

Verizon FiOS Packages

Verizon fios packages

Fios quantum is regarded as among the quickest associations obtainable in United States and can take care of many equipment such as Fios HD TV, Verizon FiOS Internet with a rate of 15/5 Mbps and a home phone. These programs can be acquired independently or even bundled jointly if required. Fios world wide web is available in significant cities as ... Read More »

GoDaddy Email and Domain App for iOS

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Useful tool for GoDaddy users. You should get it at the App Store if you need quick access to GoDaddy Email login.   GoDaddy Email and Domain app features: Register and manage domains with DNS Control, Forwarding, Nameserver management, and renewal. • Quickly send and receive Go Daddy email in our Mobile Workspace mail client. • Manage Private and Virtual Private Servers, Hosting, ... Read More »

Featured Verizon Plans

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Verizon Pay As You Go If you are a person who just wants a phone for emergencies or to occasionally call someone without sending too many texts, you may want to choose a basic flip phone with a “Pay As You Go” phone plan. Verizon smartphone plans Verizon Smartphone Plans Get unlimited talk andunlimited text. Choose 2GB or 4GB of data Share ... Read More »

Using a broadband speed test

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  When we get an internet plan with companies like Verizon, T-Mobile or Sprint, we expect a fast broadband speed. But sometimes is not as fast as we wish. If you are convinced that your broadband speed at home is not what it should be, there are some very simple ways of testing the speed of your connection. The easiest ... Read More »

Nokia Lumia 1020, not available in Verizon

Nokia Lumia 1020 - main

  If Verizon Wireless is your current cell phone company, maybe you are dissapointed about the fact that Nokia Lumia 1020 will not be available for this company. Lumia 1020 is so tempting to leave Verizon for AT&T to get the 1020 but knowing that Microsoft is releasing and update towards the end of the year (GDR3) which if rumors are ... Read More »